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Stabling Horses

In the new areated stable we offer roomy boxes with feeding pumps, large runs and quality care about your horse. There is also a chance for outdoor stabling with a shelter. In our agrotouristic centre you can attend wonderful and luxuriously equipped clubrooms with a bar and some refreshment. You can also use changerooms with sanitary facilities. When it’s bad weather outside, you can practise in a sports hall. You can stable your horse at our place as necessary or even only for a few days (during several events, in order to practise agrotourism or in the time of competitions). Next we offer rehabilitative stays for your horses and a chance for stabling mares destined for breeding in the roomy boxes used for mares with foals.

Box cost is 5000,- CZK/per month
Outdoor stabling cost is 3000,- CZK/per month.

The cost for stabling includes:

  • riding hall
  • run
  • fence material
  • outdoor riding hall
  • equiped clubroom
  • heated changerooms
  • saddle rooms
  • sanitary facilities (WC, showers)
  • straw bedding
  • hay
  • feed (oats twice a day)
  • solar box
  • washing box

Dále můžeme po domluvě zajistit:

  • možnost zajištění granulí, sladového květu, müsli či jiného krmiva podle vašich požadavků
  • pilinovou podestýlku (dle dohody)
  • pohybování vašeho koně zkušeným jezdcem
  • tréninky pod odborným dohledem

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